12 Week Acrylic Course

12 Week Acrylic Course

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Our all new 12 week acrylic course which runs in an evening. Pay in full or pay your deposit and pay weekly!

Courses start at 6.30pm and last 2.5 hours roughly.

Full without gel - £500. with gel - £600

Deposit without gel - £150. Weekly - £29.50

Deposit with gel - £170. Weekly - £36


All our courses comes with a full kit with large size products included.  They also come with support throughout training and once qualified also, we want to make sure any questions you may have will always be answered. When you train with us you will receive everything you need to gain full understanding of any treatment, including the basics and advanced.

Weekly we will go through models etc

We will include going through consultations, insurance, health and safety, anatomy and physiology, code of hygiene, sterilisation and disinfection, the appearance of the therapist, economics, nail enhancements, structure of the skin, functions of the skin, muscles of the hand, bones of the hand and arm, nail diseases, nail disorders, equipment, setting up, the basics and advanced, aftercare, laws and key information.

The kit includes;

1 manual

1 notepad

1 pen

1 acrylic liquid

4 acrylic powders

1 acrylic brush

5 nail files

2 buffing blocks

1 cuticle pusher

1 cuticle nippers

1 tip cutters

1 box pf tips

1 cuticle oil

1 nail prep

1 acetone 

2 dappen dish

1 glitter

1 glue 

If you add gel you will receive; 

3 gel colours

Gel lamp

Base coat

Top coat

Prep & wipe

Lint free wipes